Commerce and industries minister Suresh Prabhu kicked off a series of nation-wide consultations with the industry on the proposed new industrial policy. The first consultation was held at Guwahati on February 2.

The event, organized by Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP), in partnership with Federation of Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FICCI), was attended by more than 120 industrialists from the Northeast in addition to government officials.

In his speech, the minister emphasised the importance of this exercise being done after 25 years. He highlighted that this is the first time a policy is being designed that truly listens to and objectively equips Indian industry for the future. The prior attempts in 1956 and 1991 were driven by ideology or formulated at a time of financial crisis.

The minister underscored the change in the culture of governance under the current NDA government. He showcased how the government was coming to the industry to understand their concerns rather than the other way around.

Prabhu stressed the focus of the government to make business easier for industry. In this regard, he highlighted multiple initiatives of the government to reduce the burden of regulations for the industry. He also talked about the importance of center-state cooperation and the need for change even at the district-level.

The event was also attended by Assam industries and commerce minister Chandra Mohan Patowary. In his remarks, Patowary emphasized the Northeast region’s potential to be a gateway to South East Asia and mentioned the recent initiatives of the government in this regard. He also highlighted the need for industrial policy for the Northeast.

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