Union Minister Suresh Prabhu today called upon India Inc to evolve a CSR strategy in conjunction with the government to combat the water crisis the country is likely to face in the future.

Prabhu said he foresees India becoming a USD 5 trillion economy in the next 7-8 years and a USD 10 trillion economy by 2035.

“Just imagine, when India will be a USD 10 trillion economy by 2035 for sure, what could be the water crisis at that time,” Prabhu said, adding that water is going to be a major issue by then.

“This (water) is an issue which will hinder growth, which will create social tension, and impact livelihoods,” the commerce and industry minister said at an event here.

He asked the corporates to design a water matrix entailing the challenges it will pose and its requirement vis-a-vis the country’s population in the coming years.

“We should think about, and I feel this is something which is of great importance to people at large… the issue that is going to come out because of water…,” he said.

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